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Can you travel with candles on a plane?

If you're like me, knowing what you can and can not carry on an airplane these days can be somewhat confusing, especially when it comes to non-essential items like candles. So I headed over to the TSA website to find out if candles are allowed on airplanes.

The answer is yes; you can carry your candles on the plan in your carry-on bags or your checked luggage. But keep in mind that TSA officers have the final say about what is allowed.

To increase the likelihood of successfully getting your candle through airport security, remove it from the packaging before leaving home and wrap it in bubble wrap.

The bubble wrap will make it completely visible to the TSA officer when your carry-on luggage is run through the security scanner.

If the candle is flagged, it will give the officer easy access to your candle for inspection.

How to Protect Your Candles When You Travel on a Plane

The last thing you want to do is get to the airport, board your plane then arrive at your destination only to discover that your candle is damaged.

The level of damage can vary based on the type of vessel the candle is in.

Here are some ways to reduce the likelihood that your candle will be damaged while traveling.

  • Glass Candles. As you know, glass is very fragile and can easily crack or shatter while traveling. To protect your glass candle in your carry-on luggage, wrap it in bubble wrap and place it inside a sweater or scarf.

  • Tin Candles. Metal is shatterproof and much more travel-friendly than glass; however, it can easily dent. To avoid denting your tin candles, wrap them loosely in a piece of clothing or scarf.

Deciding on which favorite candles to travel with can be challenging, especially if you have several that you love. Consider where you're going, how long you'll be there, and the type of candle you'll be taking with you.


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