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    • Complimentary Mini Fragrance Samples


      Choose 3 of our most popular mini fragrance samples before committing to a full size purchase. Samples will not be sent without a purchase.*



      Feminine, floral and fresh, this airy aquatic fragrance fantasy is akin to lying on a beautiful, black sand beach with cool ocean breezes arousing the sweet aroma of a bountiful wild rose garden in full bloom to leave you feeling invigorated and revived.



      Lighten up your living space with the profound aromatic essence of sweet orange, tantalizing tangerine and goji berries meticulously blended in a base of ripe grapefruit with a splash of warm vanilla.



      This highly luxurious amalgamation of pure essential oils deliver an unparalleled spa-like excursion of pure rest, relaxation and renewal. Elevate your home with fruity notes of bergamot and mandarin; herbal, spicy notes of thyme and ginger; and light and airy floral notes of jasmine and chrysanthemums.



      A luxurious peach scented infused with sweet and spicy undertones of tonka, raspberry and mandarin orange.



      Illuminate your path to inner peace and tranquility with this luxuriously creamy concoction of fresh Caribbean coconut, zesty lime and orange oils grounded in a concentrated blend of vanilla and tropical musk.



      A nostalgic throwback to hot summer evenings plucking ripe honeysuckle flowers from the vine, this fragrance makes you feel light and free. With top notes of sweet honeysuckle and petitgrain, jasmine, neroli and orange blossom infused with sandalwood.


      Soothe your soul with the elegant aromatic notes of our best selling fragrance. Infused with a unique amalgam of relaxing black tea, uplifting bergamot and calming vetiver immersed in jasmine, cedarwood and sandalwood.



      Transform your home with the bright and bodacious effervescence of fresh squeezed lemon juice, earthy lemongrass, zesty lemon verbena, and citrusy sweet orange grounded with the rich, warm nuances of vanilla and Peru balsam.



      Escape from the weight of the world with this tranquil and serene oceanic blend of pink Himalayan sea salt swirling in soft floral notes of exotic orchid and jasmine. Grounded by earthy wood notes and tonka beans for a high end, spa-quality excursion sure to melt away the stress in your life.



      Surrender to the gentle breeze of an enchanting meadow of lavender and be transported on a relaxing and meditative journey of fresh crushed lavender sprigs emulsified in a blend of lemony bergamot and zesty lemon peel encased in a cedarwood base. 



      • Intensely concentrated for long lasting performance
      • Handcrafted in micro batches
      • Pure essential + body safe fragrance oils
      • PETA-certified vegan and cruelty-free
      • Animal-testing free, Animal-cruelty free
      • Non-toxic, phthalate-free, DPG-free, non-VOC
      • 1ml plastic bottles



      We recommend performing a patch test prior to use on fabrics.



      Safe for linen, pillows, curtains, clothing, cars, nurseries, play rooms and pet beds.


      *Purchase required to receive samples. While supplies last. Substitutions may apply.


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