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Candle Care Kit
  • Wick Dipper

    Candle Care Kit

    • Get the most out of your candles.! We all know the benefits burning candles can add to your home and office - pleasant aroma, create ambiance, improve your mood, decrease your stress - just to name a few. The NAVABELLA Candle Care Kit will help to properly care for your candles by extending and improving its scent throw, burn time, and longevity.



      • Wick Snuffer - Extinguish flames in seconds - minimize smoke and candle wax on your surfaces.


      • Wick Trimmer - Trim your wick safely and with style to extend the life of your candle.


      • Wick Pick - Safely remove debris from your candle jar, adjust your wick, or dip it into the wax to quickly extinguish the candle flame.


      Candle tray is NOT included.



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