Our Story | N A V A B E L L A




NAVABELLA was born at the kitchen table of Erika A. Darden in Richmond, Virginia, after her granddaughter Ava, who is very sensitive to harsh chemicals, experienced an allergic reaction to a popular candle brand she burned in her home. After a plethora of research, Erika discovered that most mass produced candles contained well-known and documented cancer, allergy and pollutant causing ingredients. She set out on a journey to create candles, that were safe enough for her granddaughter yet strong enough to fill her home with exceptional fragrance. Friends and family instantly fell in love with the candles and soon after, her products were selling out at local festivals and farmers' markets, with requests for complimentary products to the soy candles. So, she went back to her kitchen table and created an entire line of home fragrance products that are handcrafted in micro-batches, from the finest ingredients. Each signature scent is unique and tailor-made to stimulate your mood and memories for a luxury aromatic experience.

Ava     Erika